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Was ist Rauschkomplex?


What is Rauschkomplex?


Rauschkomplex was born from the idea of designing festival-style tapes with a specific message. This started with the "Stay Human - Support Refugees" ribbons. It was supposed to be a statement that you don't wear big on a T-shirt, but small on your wrist, but day and night. Rauschkomplex is therefore much more than just a band with a slogan, it is an attitude to life.

This was followed by bands saying "Your life matters, fight rasicm and sexism" with reference to the "Black lifes Matter" and "Me too" theme. You don't find sexism with racism in a context anywhere, which I wanted to change with this slogan. Generalisation and exclusion of groups of people, in whatever view, should not be tolerated. It doesn't matter whether it is with regard to gender or skin colour.


Donations to associations and organisations

through the sale of volumes


The sale of "Stay Human - Support Refugees" tapes raised around 1,500€. Of this, 500€ went to "Deutschland Hilft - Für Flüchtlinge in Deutschland" and 1000€ was used to equip refugee homes. Especially toys for children and outdoor furniture.

12 2018

A one-off donation of €45 was made to "SOS Kinderdorf" through a Christmas campaign.


385€ were donated to "Deutschland-Hilft für Flüchtlinge weltweit" through the sale of "Stay Human - Support Refugees" ribbons.

Through the sale of "Stop the Plastic Tide" ribbons, around €100 was donated to "Ozeankind e.V." and another €120 to "BlockBlocks Rhein CleanUp".

Through the sale of "support your sisters" ribbons around 195€ were donated to " donated.

350€ were donated to Hardcore Help Foundation for water filters in Kenya.


250€ to SAMT - Soziale Arbeit für Mensch und Tier e. V. in Jülich

120€ to Deutschland Hilft for those in need at the expo in Beirut

250€ to the Watershed Foundation, which helps refugees on Lesbos to get clean drinking water and sanitary facilities.

250€ to the Volksverpetzer fundraising campaign for people in Moria

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You have your own idea for ribbons?

You want to equip your year, your club or your own festival with ribbons? Then write me what it's about. I will take care of the design and production and after a few weeks you will have your festival ribbon for your people on your doorstep!

If I like your idea, I will also be happy to offer it for sale in my shop.

For cost reasons, this is only possible for orders of 50 or more. I would be very happy to receive an order from you!

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