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Berg und Tal


Rauschcomplex is also aware of its responsibility towards the environment and people. That's why we try to pay attention to sustainability and ethics in all our decisions. We strive to become more sustainable every day and reduce our economic, social and environmental footprint. We are convinced that sustainability helps us all have a more sustainable and successful future.



  • Plastic-free packaging

  • Envelopes made from recycled waste paper

  • Envelopes without plastic windows

  • Cardboard boxes made from recycled paper


  • Bracelets and buttons produced in Germany

  • Without plastic closure

  • So far two bracelets made from recycled PET

  • In planning: bracelets made of bamboo fiber


Drei Armbänder hängen an einer Hand herunter
Gutscheinkarten und Flyer von Rauschkomplex


  • Made from recycled paper


  • Rausch complex is a customer ofGLS Bank

  • Social and ecological company

  • No speculation on international financial markets

  • Lending to sustainable companies

Laptop Typing auf dem Bett

Email service

  • Rausch complex uses the e-mail service fromPosto

  • 100% green electricity from Greenpeace Energy

  • Saving electricity and Co2

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